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Crayfish Horse

Kräst (Crayfish Horse)

One of my portfolio projects at The Game Assembly, two handpainted horses akin to Star Stable's style, with a "regular" Icelandic horse based on my sister's horse Glaesir, and a crayfish horse as a "Jorweigan Wild Horse". This project was started in our APP (Advanced Production Course), then picked up again for the portfolio course, focusing on cleaning up the handpainting, fixing anatomy issues, and more likeness to their reference.

Extra gratitude to my teacher, Alexander Lilja for his great horse-painting tips, and to my sister Louise for all her horse knowledge, feedback and corrections!

Water Shader made by me
Trees, foliage, and terrain textures by Tiny Talisman Games'

'Stylized Nature Pack'


Duration: ~2 weeks half time (~40h) + 40h APP

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