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Inner Demon - A technical self portrait

My biggest and most complex portfolio project for TGA. I wanted to make a piece showcasing as many of my core skills as possible, while also delving into a personal, vulnerable territory - mental health. 

This piece features two stylised "twin" characters with different outfits and textures, reflecting the inner shadow or "demon" of the mind, versus the real, physical self.  Both characters also have different post-process shaders to reflect the different beings between mind and matter. 

  • Character sculpt, hair and highpoly details made in ZBrush

  • Retopo and lowpoly made in Maya

  • Clothes made and simulated in Marvelous Designer,  cleaned in ZBrush and Maya

  • Texturing and baking done in Substance Painter

  • Shaders/Materials made in Unreal Engine 5 from scratch

  • Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and Substance Painter

  • Rig assisted by Molid RIG toolset, made by yours truly

Extra gratitude to my teachers and classmates at TGA for endless motivation and inspiration to always do my best, even on the days my inner demon isn't sweet!


Duration: ~6 weeks half time (~120h)

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