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Markus Molid (he/him)

3D Artist + Technical Animator

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 73 777 39 56

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Currently looking for a job as a 3D Character Artist / Technical Animator!

About me

A 3D character generalist with a skillset in 3D art, animation and various technical solutions.
I have a mind for creative problem solving, desiring to create tools and helpful workflows to support the artists and animators around me.

My primary specialisations are within game-ready 3D fashion, procedural texturing, character rigging and animation, as well as creating tools for these workflows.
I am primarily focused within stylised character art, but I have experience creating realistic clothes and materials. 

I love seeing more diverse representation in games, and strive to let more people see characters looking like them in games!

  • 3D Artist Alumni @ The Game Assembly

  • 3D Animator + Artist Intern @ Star Stable Entertainment

  • Currently looking for a job as a 3D Character Artist / Technical Animator!


A bit of backstory

As a kid, I remember sitting next to my older sister, watching her play games on our dad's PC. But in the end, my sister was not the sibling who ended up obsessed with games - that ended up being me. 

I did not realise you could work with creating games until I was around 16, instead having dreamed about localising games, or voice acting for games. Learning this, I picked up a course in programming, which later led me to apply for Technical Artist at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola immediately after graduation, learning 3D basics, a lot more programming knowledge as well as a decent amount of scripting. My health came in the way after 2 out of 3 years finished at BTH, and I took a break to figure myself out.

After recovering, I applied for The Game Assembly's Game Artist program, feeling I would learn more in that environment compared to what was left for me at BTH. 

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